About Us

We are an Alberta 100% Metis aboriginal provider of Air Filtration and Dust Control in the oil & gas industry.   The company ownership has over 20+ years of experience and direct practice in the Oil & Gas & Mining industries.  Our personal safety record is flawless, built on the philosophy of creating customer value through injury free service.

Core Values

  • Relationship
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Excellence


100% Metis aboriginals with their heritage hailing from the Lac La Biche and Fort McMurray regions.  If you've ever been to Anzac, Alberta, you likely will have noticed the name 'Hopegood' as one of the key streets.

Darin Hopegood

Starting his career off as an educator and a regular member constable with the RCMP, Darin always had aspirations to move out of public sector work and follow his dream of company ownership.  After many years working in Oil & Gas & Mining sectors as a power engineer and various management roles, Darin was able to refine his leadership and techincal skills, enabling entrepreneurship to become a reality.  Through personal team building and assistance of various key individuals, he has been able to grasp an opportunity at the right time and surge forward.  Darin has always held that building 'relationship' is the true cornerstone to business and life success.

T: (403) 322-8628

E: darin@redfeatherenviro.com

Darrell Hopegood

Hands on technical skill has been the halmark of Darrell's successful career.  For over 25 years he contracted out his services in the custom hand railing industry, creating a professional product  and value in multiple exectutive homes in both BC and Alberta.  Darrell's keen task management aptitude will serve well in his supervisory role of building efficiency.  If there is a job to do, give it to Darrell and he'll get it done safely and beyond expectations.  Give him a call; he'd love to chat and help fulfill your project needs.

T: (250) 258-9297

E: darrell@redfeatherenviro.com